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Shaun Michael


Shaun has been in oncology for over 25 years. Much of her career has been spent at Vanderbilt, beginning with direct patient care for patients enrolled in phase I clinical trials. She then moved into management, overseeing the Phase I and Gi oncology portfolios, including setting timelines and coordinating deliverables ranging from 250 actively accruing clinical trials.

Shaun later became Principal application analyst of Vanderbilt Ingram’s CTMS, Oncore. While In this pivotal role, Shaun managed Vanderbilt Ingram-Cancer Center’s Oncore (CTMS)/EPIC Initiative: Coordinating, ensuring set-up, implemented, and educated, go-live and ongoing support: Ranging from 600 clinical trials (e.g., Interventional, Investigator Initiated, Behavioral, Observational, Biospecimen) to over 1000 patients (large complex outcomes studies).

Shaun received her BSN from University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Master’s in nursing informatics for Vanderbilt School of Nursing. She has been a guest panel speaker for Vanderbilt’s School of nursing on the topic of Nursing informatics as well as Vanderbilt Ingram’s Cancer Center on the topic of OnCore, CTMS.

Shaun is the mother of two boys, and in her free time she and her husband enjoy exploring new cuisine within the city of Nashville.