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When to Hire Help

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Batman had Robin. James Bond had Moneypenny and Q. Pat Sajak has Vanna White. Everyone needs someone that they can depend on. Sometimes we have clients that use us on an “ad hoc” basis. They put us on contract, then when the going gets tough, they call upon us. This comes in handy if you get backed up in coverage analysis, budget negotiations, or IRB regulatory submissions. We sometimes find ourselves with mounds of work when we least expect it.

So, when do you ask for help? Perhaps it is when you or your team realizes that you are overwhelmed. Maybe you recognize a redundancy that a person with more expertise can help, i.e. a coverage analysis. Do not wait until you are at the breaking point but rather be ready before the extreme need occurs. How do you figure out if hiring help is NOW? First, do you find yourself repeating tasks or redoing others work that keep you from doing your job well? Have you lost time investing in a new process that now you are not even sure the process is effective? Will you save time and money if your freeing up time within your team’s workload?

Asking for help can be the difference between your research team being successful or being spaced out and not effective. Having someone hired to help you or your team can expand your network. It can get you out of a bad situation, help find solutions to ongoing problems and bring in a fresh perspective on how to approach your business model.